Leigh Olson

My passion lies in the sharing of stories.  Stories of connection. Stories whose protagonist is most often food.  That substance which, at its most elemental of purposes, provides fuel to our cells.  Yet, far beyond that it has an innate ability to connect us, to engage us and to define us.

My approach to food photography is steeped in the desire to reveal the story of a dish, a fruit, a vegetable, a product, an event or a simple moment in time.

When I am not in the studio or out searching for stories, I am developing recipes, scheduling get-togethers or coming up with new projects for my husband.

I love the taste of a fresh raspberry plucked from the bush still warm from the summer sun, the comfort of a winter stew and the refreshing coolness of a chilled rosé.

Above all else, I love to connect with Epicurean Creatives, listening raptly to their stories and capturing the essence within an image.


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