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12 Great Uses for Coconut Oil + 3 Easy Recipes

From baking to smoothies to skin care, coconut oil’s benefits are endless. Rich in the medium chain fatty acid lauric acid, is known for its antifungal and antibacterial effects, coconut oil exerts its benefits on the immune system and entire body. Whether you use it topically or internally, you’ll notice the positive before-and-after effects in […]


You say zucchini I say courgette.  Whichever you prefer this is one of many summer squashes that are in season starting in May through the middle of September.  And although it is generally treated more like a vegetable in the kitchen ~ with the exception of zucchini bread ~ it is actually the swollen ovary […]

Introducing “In The Kitchen” ~ Sweet & Savory Macaroni and Cheese

One of the things that I love about food blogging ~ outside of the food ~ is creating beautiful images of the recipes that I have developed. The care that goes into planning the shoot from choosing just the right plate or bowl, utensil, napkin, glasses and lighting are a direct representation of the love […]

Chipotle & Toasted Walnut Sorghum Salad + a Cookbook Give Away

Summer = Salads! The beautiful thing about salads is that the options and combinations are endless.  They can be an appetizer or a side.  You can turn them into an entire meal.  A handful of leafy greens ~ romaine, spinach, rocket, herbs or kale ~ some fruit ~ blueberries, melon, dates maybe a couple of […]

Project Necklace: A Mother’s Day Gift

One of the things that I missed when the kids started middle school was the Mother’s Day projects that they created in grade school. The hand thrown bowls to the pop-up books are hands down some of the most treasured mother’s days gifts that I have received. There is something that is so endearing about […]